Pebby is an innovative robotic companion for pets and pet owners, which rolls around and keeps your pet entertained, all while delivering videos to the owner. Hansen Goh, the co-founder, keeps a dog at home and yearns for a product that can keep his pet active and entertained while he is out for work. This is a problem that most pet owners in developed countries face. We devote a lot of time to work and we often neglect our loved ones, even the furry ones.

To a man, his dog is a part of his life. But to the dog, the man is his whole life, his everything. Therefore, they developed Pebby to solve this issue, once and for all. Pebby can help to keep your pet entertained, ensuring that they don’t suffer the ill effects of long term boredom and loneliness. And while the pet is having fun with Pebby, the owner can open up the companion app on his or her smartphone and share the joy through the built-in wide-angle camera within Pebby that streams a live video feed to the companion app, anywhere in the world. The pet owner can even control the movement of Pebby to find their pets or tease them, all while being miles away.