Arrow drone gives birds-eye view of warehouse ops

In a bid to optimise supply chain and warehouse management capabilities in Asia, Arrow Electronics has deployed a Lean and Six Sigma drone project at its two primary distribution centres in Hong Kong and Malaysia. The project combines drone technology, proprietary video technology and a rapid-improvement methodology to observe Arrow's extensive warehouse operations from a birds-eye view and effectively identify areas for continuous improvement.

The initiative, which uses DJI’s Phantom 4 smart drone, has already increased the efficiency of targeted processes by 82% and eliminated more than 6.5 million walking steps in warehouse processes since its first launch in late December, according to Arrow. Arrow has a network of over 70 sales offices, eight key distribution centres and local warehousing facilities with a total area of more than 37,000 square metres across the Asia Pacific region. To ensure operational excellence, Arrow offers regular Lean and Six Sigma training programme to its employees. The company also conducts regular audits in every distribution centre, making sure the problems are always identified and the best practices are widely shared, to improve operational performance and achieve high ROIs.