Oh Xueyan

XYYO Private Limited is a consultancy that works closely with companies to value-add to their projects and realise their proof-of-concepts while they manage other aspects of their projects.

Our team of engineers and designers are passionate and are keen to use our collective knowledge and diligence to work as a team and ensure the rapid, smooth and successful delivery of every project.

Caesar Huang

D&K is an international product development and manufacturing service provider headquartered in San Diego. It has R&D and manufacturing centers in San Diego & Singapore and an manufacturing facility in Malaysia opening in Q4 of 2017. Our R&D centers are setup to be multidisciplinary with the ability to do complete turnkey product development and co-located with our manufacturing operations to provide seamless and efficient transfer to production as well as complete life-cycle support through EOL. 

Garrick Soon

We are a one-stop station providing services from the early phase of conceptualising and designing, to fabricating and lastly production, seeing your products ready to be pushed to the market. We offer you

Eugene Tan

We have the expertise to design for you a product from concept to manufacturing. Following are the expertise that we can offer

  • Product Concepts- Productisation Strategy, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, System Architecture
  • Engineering Solutions- Mechanism Designs, Prototyping, Product Refinement

Cheong Siah Chong

Our core expertise is in the mechanical design of consumer products. We are able to support our customers with

  • Proof of concept
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Mechanical parts (Plastic and Metal) production
  • FULL turnkey project (Industrial, Mechanical, Electronics, Software, protection packaging design & production)

Yau Luong

Buildlabs has the capability to help you build numerous aspects of your product. These aspects include mechanical and ID design, electronics, automation and design for manufacturing. We could even help you to set up a quality management system.

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