Area of Expertise

We are a one-stop station providing services from the early phase of conceptualising and designing, to fabricating and lastly production, seeing your products ready to be pushed to the market. We offer you

  • Strategy and Design - We provide a holistic approach in design, considering all aspect from aesthetics, engineering, manufacturing from day one
  • Prototyping - We offer you different fidelity of prototypes. This include 1) Draft volumetric mockup; 2) High-res appearance model; 3) Functional working prototype; 4) Full functional and appearance prototype
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Production - We can assist and advise you on 1) Plastic injection moulding; 2) CNC machining; 3) Turning; 4) Stamping (sheet metal); 5) Casting (Sand casting, Investment casting, Die casting); 6) Secondary Process/Rework of existing parts