ITF2017 Southeast Asia

ITF Southeast Asia is one of imec’s leading high-tech events, offering an exclusive research and innovation perspective on the emerging opportunities of nanoelectronics and digital technologies.

Under the theme “Tech solutions for a smart world”, this year’s event will zoom in on the hardware and software innovations that drive a smart society. The half-day program includes:


  • Talks on smart cities, robotics, machine learning, smart imaging and the fusion of radar & data technology for a more intuitive Internet of Things, security & safety aspects IoT solutions, novel diagnostics and life sciences instrumentation
  • Talks by key stakeholders and industrial speakers from the Singaporean high-tech sector and imec executives and top researchers
  • Presentations on market trends, evolutions and latest breakthroughs in nanoelectronics and digital technology-based innovation, key drivers for change in mobility, health, manufacturing and global businesses
  • A firsthand introduction to imec’s new range of unique services towards industry and SMEs
  • Onsite demos of imec’s research and innovation advances