Hardware Roundtable - Third Session

The third session of the hardware roundtable was held at the office of Wong Fong Engineering. Wong Fong had kindly provided lunch for participants and offered them a tour of their facilities and innovation centre.

During this session, Wong Fong shared their plans in developing and assisting hardware startups, especially within the transport engineering space. A few hardware start-ups seeking investing, manufacturing, and distribution opportunities are also invited to pitch. These include

  1. SyboTech : developer of pet robot, Pebby, which raised USD$500,000 on Kickstarter
  2. Transkinect: developer of an energy harvesting bumper
  3. Glance Clock: developer of an intelligent display clock.
  4. Igloohome: developer of Igloohome smart-locks which can be remotely controlled without WiFi Technology
  5. Phaos Technology: developer of optical nanoscope for manufacturing inline process inspection and bio sample imaging
  6. TechStormTV: an infotainment multi-media channel featuring programs on technology and entrepreneurship