Hardware Roundtable - Fourth Session

The fourth Hardware Roundtable was held at TechInnovation 2017.

During the session, SPRING and IPI announced the launch of an online hardware platform (closed beta). The platform aims to aggregate resources within the hardware startup ecosystem. It will be the one-stop resource for hardware entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in the ecosystem to connect with partners for manufacturing, investments, or distribution.  

Also, a curated group of Pre-A / Series A deep tech enterprises were invited to pitch. These include

  • Pitch 1: Whizpace - TV whitespace technology
  • Pitch 2: Kaha (Cove IoT, PRiSM) - wearables operating system
  • Pitch 3: Tag Team - mixed reality, laser tag
  • Pitch 4: Attonics - next-gen spectrometry

Lastly, an invited VC, Wavemaker shared their experience of investing and working with hardware startups.